Rescue Dog Emerges as Hero, Saving the Lives of Nine Children

Boy and Girl petting black puppy

Angela Fullmer faced a challenging situation when her husband was out of town, leaving her to handle their nine children and two dogs on her own. The already hectic scenario took an unexpected turn when one of the dogs, Capone, began barking incessantly, much to Angela’s annoyance.

Capone, a min pin/whippet/chihuahua mix, had been rescued by Angela’s husband 18 months earlier after being found on the freeway. Despite Angela’s attempts, Capone refused to stop barking and ignored her calls, displaying unusual behavior for the normally obedient dog.

Cute black puppy

Growing increasingly frustrated, Angela decided to investigate the cause of Capone’s agitation. To her surprise, she discovered the kitchen microwave was on fire. Recognizing the danger of an electrical fire, she knew water was not an option. Quick thinking was essential, and Angela prioritized evacuating her family.

Starting with the baby and then the 20-month-old, Angela called on her oldest child to gather the remaining siblings. As they exited, flames reached the kitchen ceiling, triggering the alarm. Angela promptly dialed 911 and ensured all the children were safely outside, emphasizing their practiced routine of a roll call when getting into the van, which proved invaluable in the crisis.

Fullmer family

Despite the complete destruction of their house, Angela and her children were unharmed, thanks to Capone’s persistent barking alerting them to the impending danger. Capone, too, managed to escape unscathed. In the aftermath, the family stayed in a hotel until finding a new place to live, temporarily parting ways with Capone, who stayed with friends.

Fullmer brother and sister holding black puppy

Capone’s distress during their separation was evident as he abstained from eating for three days. Upon his return, he remained inseparable from the babies, showcasing a deep connection with the family.

The Fullmer family’s harrowing experience is captured in this video, highlighting the crucial role Capone played in saving them from a potentially tragic incident.

Source: Des Moines Register


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