Got the Blues? Here are 20 Reasons to Smile Again – Guaranteed!

Got the Blues? Here are 20 Reasons to Smile Again - Guaranteed!

With all the stress and hoopla going on in this upside down world today, it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a good reason to smile.  

If that’s you, here are 20 Reasons to smile – Guaranteed!

1. Because of Puppies

That’s a beautiful reason to smile!

2. Because of Good Teamwork

That’s a wonderful reason to smile!

3. Because of Outdoor Time in the Mountains

That’s a fabulous reason to smile!

4. Because of Big Fat Naps in the Afternoon

That’s a great reason to smile!

5. Because Nothing Beats a Road Trip

That’s an exciting reason to smile!

6. Because You Get to Play in the Snow

That’s a fantastic reason to smile!

7. Because You Have a Friend Who’s Always Got Your Back

That’s a heart-warming reason to smile!

8. Because of Birthday Parties With Your Friends

That’s a marvelous reason to smile!

9. Because You Worked Hard to Achieve Something and Now You’re Good at it

That’s an awesome reason to smile!

10. Because Your Mom Loves You

That’s a beautiful reason to smile!

11. Because You Have a Best Bud to Run With

That’s a terrific reason to smile!

12. Because You Have the Love of a Child

That’s an incredible reason to smile!

13. Because You Get to Relax With a Good Book

That’s a Cool Reason to Smile!

14. Because of Fun Weekend Getaways

That’s a beautiful reason to smile!

15. Because You Have Someone Who Misses You

That’s an amazing reason to smile!

16. Because of Sisters

That’s a special reason to smile!

17. Because Your Dad Loves You Unconditionally

That’s an indescribable reason to smile!

18. Because You Have a Friend You Can Be Yourself and Cut Up With

That’s a fun reason to smile!

19. Because You Get to Play in the Leaves

That’s a delightful reason to smile!

20. Because Your Best Friend Loves You No Matter What

That’s a magnificent reason to smile!

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