Akitas: 10 Reasons to Bring One Home

Happy Akita

No matter how bad life can sometimes get, with an Akita in the house, things are still pretty OK. This big fuzzball is extremely loyal, caring and the best friend one is ever likely to have. Here are 10 good reasons why an Akita may be the dog for you.

1. Akitas are unique.

Alert Akita with tail curled

The Akita is different than any other breed – with webbed toes, tail curled over its back, and an aloof personality. If you’ve never owned one, you’ll probably be surprised at how exceptional they are.

2. Akitas are like teddy bears.


If you ever nap with one, you probably won’t be able to move much because it will hog most of the bed. Naps will never be the same.

3. Akitas bring you good luck.

Akita in Japan

Akitas originate in Japan, where people give each other little Akita Inu figurines – they believe these dogs typify good fortune and good luck. Having an Akita as your Bestie is good luck in itself, along with the fact that they shed little furs of joy everywhere the go.

4. Akitas are snow bunnies.

Akita running in the snow

If you live in a region where there are four seasons, the Akita’s preferred time of year is winter. With their double coat, they delight in the coldest days, rolling around in the snow and napping in snowbanks. They love being outside in the cold weather, which probably reminds them of their namesake – the mountainous city of Akita, Japan.

5. Akitas are eternally loyal.

Loyal Akita kissing owner

Unlike Retrievers that make friends with everyone they bump into, Akitas are normally aloof to strangers and may take weeks to accept new friends. Once they do decide to bond, they become insanely loyal.

6. Akitas have a lot to say.

Akita Barking

When Akitas speak, they’re communicative and forceful. With sighs, whines, barks and howls they will instruct you in their language. Soon you’ll know when they need attention, when they’re hungry, when they’re frustrated and when they’re on alert.

7. Akitas are unusually gentle.

Akita with child

Even though some Akitas can weigh up to 100 pounds, they are very gentle with kids, and even cats if they’ve been effectively introduced.

8. Akitas are independent.

Smart Akita

Some say they’re stubborn, but the fact is they’re independent thinkers and they like to make their own choices. When training an Akita, you’ll need a ton of positive reinforcement.

9. Akitas are extremely intelligent.

intelligent Akita

They learn new tricks and commands quickly, and have a powerful intuition for knowing what you’re trying to teach them. They also learn unexpected things, like turning on faucets and opening doors, simply by watching you. It’s surprising how many words they’ll learn, just by listening and observing you.

10. Akitas are heart dogs.

Woman and Akita

All dogs are special, but “heart dogs” are extraordinary. Heart dogs are ones with which you have a very special bond. No matter the number of dogs you have in your lifetime, having a loyal, intelligent Akita is one you will always fondly remember.


Akitas are truly a treasure! If you know how much this delightful and intelligent breed means to you, and you want to show it, More Waggin’ Less Barkin’ is your best friend – after your pup of course! We have dozens of Akita themed items, so you’ll no doubt find something you’ll be proud to own, and even prouder to give to an Akita friend!

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