What’s Better Than Spending Valentine’s Day With Your Dog?

What's Better Than Spending Valentines Day With Your Dog

Why would you want to spend today with your bestie?  Unwavering love, Baby!

While some people may think spending Valentine’s Day with their doggo sounds lonely, I tend to think they have might actually have it pretty good! I mean, what’s beats the unconditional love from your fur pal?

Here are 5 great reasons to celebrate Valentine’s with your dog:

1. Does your dog even know what Valentine’s day is?

Nope! And that translates into ZERO expensive dinners or jaunts to the florist! No big bucks or stress over the consummate gift for your canine. Fido’s gonna be thrilled with whatever you decide to give him.

Better still, you can get what you love, and your dog will be thrilled. All he wants is your attention, anyway. Just remember to toss in a few belly rubs for good measure, and you’ll both be happy!

2. Does your dog even care about getting a Valentine’s Day gift?

Not at all! When you give your dog a present, what does she do? Smell it, and then stare at you as if to say, “Well, what now?” That’s because doggos live in the moment and have no expectations. All they ever want is to just spend time with you!

So – if an impromptu walk around the neighborhood just happens to come with that snazzy new dog collar you’ve had your eye on, remember it’s your company and the stroll that made her Valentine’s day special!

3. What’s better than the unconditional love of your fur pal?

We all love what Valentine’s Day signifies, but we often forget about our pet’s love for us. They’re called ‘Man’s Best Friend for good reason. Perpetual devotion, absolute loyalty, and unshakable love – dogs provide us with all of these.

Whether we accidentally provoke them, get home late, or shout at them for hoovering snacks off the coffee table when we aren’t looking, their hearts are always ours – without judgment.

4. Do you ever need to make up with your dog?

Never! For many, Valentine’s Day is ‘make-up’ day. But with doggos, that notion is out-the-window! They do not harbor animosity or resentment.

Even though we might feel ashamed for losing our patience, they aren’t waiting around for an apology or a make-up gift. They’re just hoping things blow over, and that we’ll get back to being the awesome masters they know we are!

5. After Valentine’s Day is over, does anything change?

Not for dogs, and that’s the best part. The holiday isn’t over for them – they continue to love us every day, with all their hearts. And that’s one of about a thousand reasons we love them so much!

So let’s remember to spend some extra time and show our besties the love this Valentine’s Day. But skip the card and flowers!


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