10 Fun New Year Resolutions You and Your Dog Can Agree On

10 Fun New Year Resolutions You and Your Dog Can Agree On

As each year comes to a close, we usually have the bittersweet sensation that time is flying by us way too fast. But – I think it’s safe to say that with THIS year, time couldn’t be flying past us fast enough!

With that said, let’s try to end on a positive and thoughtful note. Can we focus on getting back on track next year with some of the things that make life worthwhile? What can we do to improve our attitudes and our lives?  How can we make the most out of every opportunity? What really matters? It does take some effort to set ourselves in the right direction, but it’s a worthy endeavor. We can all probably agree that we need more clarity.

A fun place to start might be with the bond between us and our Besties.  Let’s consider these New Year’s Resolutions for a happy 2023:

1. Let’s Take Longer Walks Combined with Meditation

Our doggos cherish the time we spend together, so let’s take more time to pause with them and just breathe. We’re always rushing around for work, school and life. One of the best ways to stay focused is to maintain a clear head.

Taking longer, quality strolls not only provides us and our fur pals with more exercise, but they give us time to relax, breath and reflect. Everything will be OK!

2. Let’s Socialize More

It’s vital for us to get out and reconnect with old friends, as well as make new ones. Our fur-BFFs treasure their time together with us, and they’ll undoubtedly enjoy play dates and meeting new pals too.

Humans and canines are social creatures, and this year the pandemic has caused most of us to largely withdraw from society. Let’s make it a point this year to get out more often and ‘safely’ celebrate life with our friends and family. More hugs and more “I Love You’s”.

3. Let’s Exercise More and Let Off Steam

I don’t know about you, but it’s become a pain to get out of the house and get the exercise I need – particularly when it’s by myself. And going to the gym has become a somewhat risky proposition due to the virus.

Getting out regularly and walking or jogging with our dogs could be the ticket this new year to staying healthy and happy.

4. Let’s Get Out There and Explore With Our Dogs – Take Some Hikes!

Nothing beats visiting new places and exploring this beautiful world we live in. Being out in nature seems to connect us to the world and disconnect us from our worries. Let’s consider disconnecting from our normal routines a little more this year, and getting into nature to discover new sights and sounds. Our doggos will be thrilled to come along for the fun, and they’ll thank us!

5. Let’s Learn to be More Grateful and Spend Extra Time With Our Canine Pals

We’re extremely fortunate if we can say we have a fur pal longingly waiting for us to return home after we’ve been away. So many take this bond for granted. Let’s resolve to show our pups how much we appreciate them this year. They treasure our love!

6. Let’s Go to the Dog Park More Often and Make New Friends

Dog parks offer fur parents a safe environment for their babies to run and play. In addition to snagging some great exercise, pooches have the chance to create new friends of different breeds, ages, sizes and dispositions. Dog parks can be a truckload of fun – dogs as well as their owners are sure to appreciate some awesome laughter and social interaction.

7. Let’s Take More Picnics

Food, fun and laughter! Why not plan more get-togethers with your friends and their dogs for amusing delicious picnics? They’re great ideas for canine play dates, and everyone will be smiling!

8. Let’s Take Our Dogs to Work

Consider breaking up the old routine by bring Fido to work with you once in a while. He’ll love all the attention he gets from your coworkers. Imagine him receiving treats from all your coworkers. He’ll be in paradise, and you’ll have a blast showing off your bestie!

9. Let’s Try Looking at Things From a Different Angle

Our doggos know how to look at things from different angles when they need more clarity.  We should do the same!

Let’s resolve to improve ourselves and our attitudes by focusing less on the negative and more on the positive. Try dialing back TV and social media a little, and listening to inspirational podcasts or self-help tapes instead. Let’s reflect on who we really are, and who we really want to be. It will be invigorating and exciting!

10. Let’s Laugh Out Loud More Often

In 2023, let’s take a few more risks, make some mistakes, learn, and laugh at ourselves. We’re all free to pursue our own dreams, and we have the power to control our own attitudes.

Little can make us appreciate inner peace and the value of humor like a little adversity sent our way. Speaking for myself, I’ve seen enough of that this year to last me for a long time. So in 2023, I’ve resolved to stay positive and look at the lighter side.

Let’s remember to take a cue from our beloved pooches, who typically always have a great attitude and who are nothing but patient with us – through thick and thin. What in the world would life be without doggos?


From More Waggin’ Less Barkin’ we wish you and your besties the happiest of New Years! 

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