The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Our dogs are a major part of our lives, so doesn’t it make perfect sense to involve them in our holiday activities?

However, finding the perfect presents for our besties can sometimes be a challenge.

To wit, here are some sensible gift ideas for every furry doofus in your life:

If Your Doggo Loves to Fetch

An all-time favorite gift for Fido might just be the good ole traditional tennis ball. Most canines love their tennis balls more than any other toy, and as a plus, they’re pretty easy on the budget. Pick up a sleeve of tennis balls just about anywhere, and have some fun with a game of fetch in your yard or the dog park. They’re sure to be an exciting gift for any fetching machine in your family!

If your pup loves to shred tennis balls (like mine), there are some cool rugged tennis balls on the market. Check online or at most pet stores for Kong Ball fetch toys, or Chuckit! Ball Launcher for more durable options.

If Your Doggo Loves Toys

The options for fun dog toys available today is staggering. Ideas include waterproof toys, floating toys, rugged toys, toys with squeakers, and much more.

If Your Doggo is Brainy

Dogs are really happiest when their minds are active. Fun toys that force pooches to think include Kong toys, which allow you to hide peanut butter or treats inside the toy. They’re rugged and most pups love them. Another smart idea is puzzle toys, which let you to hide treats inside the toy. Your dog must figure out how to move pieces around to get at the snacks. Also, check out Outward Hound’s puzzle toys for some fun brainy gifts for your furball.

If Your Doggo is Fashion Forward

If your pooch likes to stay up on the latest fashion trends, he or she will probably appreciate a snappy new collar or harness for the holiday season. If you’re a sports fan, you can easily find your pet some cool apparel themed for your favorite college or university. Local pet stores will have tons of cool options, as will the myriad pet stores online.

If Your Doggo Loves Treats

Everyone loves to sample treats during the holidays, so why wouldn’t your fur pal? Consider keeping your pooch happy and healthy with treats made especially for him. How about homemade treats for your dog that can also be used as gifts for other dogs in your family – gran-dogs etc.

If baking your own edible doggy treats isn’t something you’re into, consider these safe dog treats for putting your bestie in the holiday mood.

If Your Doggo Has Everything

Then spending quality time with you is probably the greatest gift he or she could ask for! Getting outside for a special walk or game of fetch is always a favorite. And if your pooch isn’t into walking, there’s always the all-time favorite belly rub.

These gifts are sure to be perfect for all the dogs in your life! Let us know what toys you give your dog this holiday season.


From More Waggin’ Less Barkin’ we wish you and your furry besties a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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