12 Types of People We’ll Encounter During This Holiday Season

12 Types of People We’ll Encounter During This Holiday Season

How we all fondly recall those friends and family members who get over-the-top excited during the Holidays!

They’re “in-it-to-win-it”. With more lawn ornaments and lights than the rest of the neighborhood, they start earlier and keep decorations up longer than anyone else. They always host the “must attend” Holiday parties, or they might even bring you freshly baked Christmas cookies.

These special friends keep the Holiday Spirit going, even when things get a tad stressful. Do you recognize anyone on this list?

1. The helpful ones who always ask, “I’m done wrapping my presents, you need any help?”

2. The ones who love to sample all the scrumptious holiday treats

3. The ones who stay ‘fashion forward’ for the Holiday season

4. The ones who begin Holiday decorating on November 1st

5. The ones who say, “Thank You!” immediately after opening your gift

6. The ones who insist on baking Holiday cookies every year

7. The ones who watch you struggle to put up the lights alone before finally helping

8. The ones who are always in their Christmas slippers

9. The ones who always read the Holiday stories

10. The ones who always wake up before everyone else on Christmas morning

11. The ones who tear through wrapping paper to open their gifts, then disappear to play with their presents

12. The ones who still believe in Santa Claus

From More Waggin’ Less Barkin’ we wish you and your furry besties a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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