10 Unmistakable Signs You’re Fixated On Your Dog At Christmas

10 Unmistakable Signs You’re Fixated On Your Dog At Christmas

I’ll bet you no one can claim to have not gone overboard during the holiday season at one time or another, but we doggo lovers tend to take it to a whole ‘nother level!  

Christmas is the very best time of the year, right? A special time for family and friends, and that includes our Besties too!

If you can identify with any of these lovable over-the-top Christmas activities, then you’re probably OWD (Obsessed With Dogs). That, or you really just think of your pup as a part of the family!

1. Your Doggo Wears Reindeer Antlers

2. You Have Christmas Tree Ornaments That Involve Your Dog.

3. Your Dog Has Its Own Christmas Stocking

4. Santa Leaves Your Furball Gifts Under The Tree

5. Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are For Parties – As Well As Your Dog

6. You Take Your Four Legged Friend To Visit Santa Every Year


7. Your Christmas Dinner Includes a Canine Food Extravaganza for Your Dog


8. The Cookies You Set Out On Christmas Eve for Santa Are Really for Your Dog


9. Every Time You Take Pictures, Your Dog ‘Mysteriously’ Gets Tangled Up in the Christmas Lights


10. You Spend More Dough On Your Doggo Than You Do On Your Spouse And Kids


From More Waggin’ Less Barkin’ we wish you and your furry besties a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  If you liked this article, please be sure give it a “Thumbs Up” and “Share” it with your friends on social media!

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